"(Untitled) Bodies" is a ritualistic transformation re-modifying the body's appearance into a revisioned new entity using raw clay and cling film – a material used symbolically to keep the raw clay fresh and alive. It forms a ritualistic procedure where clay is moulded onto the body, deconstructing and reconstructing its shape and presenting the male body as a new entity. The clay acted as cells and the cling film as skin, representing the lengths we go to in order to construct our own personal image and identity.

'(Untitled) Bodies' was performed as a special collaboration between P H I L I P L I and art and fashion magazine 'Whatelse", creating a live-making performance film and unique set of documentation photographs - available digitally via an iPhone application. "(Untitled) Bodies" was first performed live at "Towards A Fluid State" in London, 2009.

Film: Andras Ridovics
Editing: Boldizsar Csernak-Risko
Soundscape: Philip Li, Chris King
Hair: Yusuke Ukai
Make-up: Amber Lee
Artist's assistant: Thomas Robinson

Photography by Krisztian Zana